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How long do I leave it on? 

Leave your second skin on for 3-5 days, do not pick at it, and if corners come up you can paste them down with some skin friendly tape/trim the edges. If the second skin comes up so much that the tattoo is open to the air or the tattoo is exposed in any way, it is no longer acting as a functional barrier and it is time to take it off! It is very normal during this time for an ink sac/bubble to appear, that's your plasma and the ink under the film, it can be gross looking but helps healing. Don’t worry about it unless this starts leaking at which point the barrier is broken and you should take the second skin off. 


What can I do while it's on? 

Most things, you may shower and wash as normal, exercise where you won’t putting friction along the tattoo/doing anything super strenuous, go to work, etc. The big no-no’s are direct sun exposure ( cover up) and soaking in water. Do not take baths or submerge yourself in any body of water while the tattoo is healing, second skin or not for the first 2 weeks. Make sure you are being sun safe during the healing process ( and ideally after!) 


How do I take it off? 

Take your second skin off in the shower, with warm water running over it. You will want to pull the film off in a downward direction, inching it off. THIS IS NOT BANDAID RULES, hasty removals can harm your skin and the tattoo. Just take it really slow. If you are feeling a lot of resistance, let the warm water run over the half peeled second skin, this helps the adhesive come off. When drying your skin after, be sure to use a clean paper kitchen towel, and dab, not wipe ( gentle gentle). 


It’s off, what now? 

Once the second skin is off, you can start using a thin layer of aftercare cream 1-2 times a day to moisturize the area. Continue to avoid submerging in water for 2 weeks, and direct sun exposure until it is fully healed ( which can take 2-4 weeks). DO NOT SCRATCH OR YOUR TATTOO WHILE ITS HEALING!!!! I know the temptation is so so ( so so)  strong but you have to be stronger! If you scratch any scabs/parts that are still healing it can really mess with the process as well as pull ink out. Let any scabs or skin flakes fall off naturally please. If you must alleviate some of your suffering I would recommend moisturizing/gently slapping AROUND your tattoo for relief. Personally, the itchiness has always been my least favourite part. Just keep the area moisturized and in about 2 weeks your tattoo will be mostly healed, It’

ll likely take longer to fully settle in. Please don’t shave, wax, or exfoliate the area until it feels fully healed!


It’s healed! Ok and?? 

Enjoy your slice of the art pie! If you need a free touch up (after 3 months) do not hesitate to let me know! I would also love a healed picture whenever you would like to send one, but otherwise thanks so much for supporting my work and my art babes!


I have a question not covered here!

If it is about a tattoo you have gotten from me very recently ( last 10 days), please give the studio I work at a call, either I will respond or a colleague of mine will be able to point you the right direction. I recommend this as I am normally a little slow at emails/DM's.

If you feel you are experiencing a medical issue, please contact the appropriate medical services to seek help. 

If your question is not about a recent tattoo, then just shoot me a blip under other enquiries or any booking form you may send in. 


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