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Please find all policies and FAQ categorized below. 

Q: Generally, what should you expect from me? 

A: You should expect a well-made fairly-priced tattoo that holds up well for at least the next decade, if not longer ( assuming the tattoo is taken care of!). You should expect a respectful, friendly and professional experience with me where you can be freely communicative of your requirements and thoughts, as well as enquire with me anything you should wish to know. You should expect all infection control procedures in place to adequately protect us both from contamination. Please do not hesitate to bring up any other requirements you have, and I shall let you know if I would be able to take care of them for you. I care about making this a rewarding experience for both of us, and you should also expect me to speak my mind if I feel something isn’t right from my end as I hope you will feel able to. 

Thank you!!




What do you charge?

My minimum is 180$. My hourly rate is 175-200$ per hour, depending on my proficiency with the style of tattoo. If I have to work slower because of lack of experience, I will charge in the lower range and vice versa where I can work quickly. Rates are discounted further for large scale pieces taking 4+hours/full days. 

This rate only applies for time where we are physically tattooing, butt in the chair, machine ready to go! This is so there is no rush in any of the prep where we figure out your exact placement and sizing etc. Please take your time with your decisions!

You can ask me for a quote in your booking request, and if you have a budget let me know and I’m sure we can work something out.


How do deposits work? 

Deposits (100$) are necessary to secure an appointment, I will send instructions in my response to your booking request. They also go directly into paying for your final tattoo, so on the day you will pay 100$ less. All payments on the day are to be made in cash, and there are multiple ATMS nearby to  the studio. 


Can I reschedule or cancel? How? 

You sure can! Just contact me via email!

Reschedules must be made at least 48 hours before the appointment via email, if you are sick or unwell, please send me a request. You can reschedule twice on the same deposit before I may require another. If you do not give me at least 48 hours notice your deposit will be forfeited. 

Cancellations result in a forfeited deposit in any situation where I have already made custom artwork, however if you have booked for flash and give me at least 48 hours notice via email, I will be happy to return your deposit. It will simply take a couple of days. 

Out of respect for my own time, I may decline to work with clients in the future if they regularly reschedule and cancel across multiple tattoos, this is to limit my scrambling last minute to fill a limited work schedule. 






What should I do before my appointment? 

You want to be in good condition to sit for a tat! This means: 

  • Bringing your ID!

  • Eating something at least 4 hours prior to appointment. We have snacks in the studio too.

  • Not being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Wearing comfortable clothing where we can easily access the area, and if any ink accidentally got on your clothing you would be alright with it. ( Don’t wear your fave top! Just in case!!!)


What's the deal with consults and colour tests? 

Consultations are an opportunity to discuss your tattoo idea face-to-face to figure out design elements for your tattoo/concerns before booking in an appointment.

Colour tests are where we test out multiple colors being considered for your tattoo in a small design, whether with dots, lines, hearts, stars, etc. The point is to keep it simple so we can see how the colours heal in your skin to inform your final colour selection. 

Both consultations ( for larger custom pieces generally) and colour tests ( for colour tattoos only) are free, however for a colour test you will have to put down a deposit first and wait at least 2 weeks (healing time) between the test and your actual appointment. If you would like either please inform me in your booking request, and if you don’t request one but I think we need one, I will inform you. 


Can I get a touch up?

YES! FOR FREE! I want to ensure you get a good tattoo! Every tat comes with 1 free touch up, done only after the first 3 months ( so it has time to heal ) and within the 5 years after your appointment. 

Just shoot me a booking request and attach some photos of the tattoos current state!


Do we have to talk during the appointment? 

Literally NO!!!! I tend to be chattier during the placement/pre-tattooing process before I have to focus on actually tattooing, but there is no pressure to be chatty on your end at all. Read a book, listen to music, sit in a daze, entertain yourself however and it's fine by me! At any point during the session you are also free to bring up any concerns/requests/ask for a break, just let me know!

As long as you are expressing your concerns/opinions as they pertain to the tattoo, we can be dead silent the whole time or talking all the way through. Up to the vibe on the day but as long as you are comfortable and give me the opportunity to accommodate for your needs we are all good! 


Can I use numbing cream? 

Yeah! Give me a heads up before your appointment if you will be bringing some, I also have some in case of emergencies/for larger pieces / upon request. We will have to apply it at least an hour ahead of your appointment, so whether you do this yourself to the desired area ( spread a layer as indicated and wrap with glad wrap) or I do it for you, tell me before so I can accommodate! 

Please note however, some numbing creams can affect the healing of your tattoo as they can change the texture of the skin and ability to take ink during the session.


Do you still handpoke?

Nah dawg. I’m a full machine girlie now, so while many of my designs from 2021/2022 were designed to be handpoked, I would now do them all with a machine. If you were set on a handpoke however, there are a number of incredible handpoke artists I love and can recommend to you depending on what you were after! Shoot me a sneaky from my other enquiries page. 




Do you repeat flash? 

Some yes, some no. I made the transition between doing no repeatable designs to all repeatable designs sometime in 2022. Therefore anything I have previously said was non-repeatable and had tattooed on someone else during that time I will not do again, however I am open to doing a similar design with some small changes for you so that person can keep their individual piece and you also get something special.  

Anything I have outlined as repeatable in 2022 is fully repeatable, and from 2023 on all my work will be made repeatable with the exception of custom designs.


Can I buy a tattoo ticket? 

Yeah! This doesn’t happen often but shoot me a line under other enquiries and we can discuss what you want/what might be a fair price. 50$ would be likely about the ballpark. 


What does it mean that you are tattooing in eras? 

I am choosing to intentionally focus on specific visual elements in my work in eras of 3-6 months ( eg I am doing American Trad informed stuff from jan-june 2023) so that I can hone in on a specific style while also getting to have to freedom to explore something else in a couple months! I don’t know if I will be the kind of artist to really stick to just one look in what I make, and to allow for that I’ve given myself this structure to work within. 

During specific eras I will prioritize booking requests for the style of that era, so I get to practice tattooing in the style as well the designing I do behind the scenes. Customs are always open. 




What kind of customs will you do? 

I will generally take on any kind of custom I think I can do/suits my abilities. I will prioritize taking on customs that fit the work of the era I’m working in however. Just shoot me a booking request and we can go from there! If I don’t think I can do your idea justice I am also happy to point you in the direction of a more suitable artist!


Do you charge extra for customs?

I might! For really simple customs where I am working really directly off of reference you send / anything where I don’t really have to think too much, then no. You will be charged my standard rate. If you have requested a custom that I will have to design however, then I charge a blanket rate of 50$ design fee where I am willing to do 3 rounds of drafts, after which I may take another design fee. This is also why having a clear idea of what you want, giving plenty of detail and picking an artist you actually specifically want to do your idea is so important! 

If you are requesting a very complex design, for example for something quite large. Then I may charge a larger design fee. 


When will you send me a draft?

I will send you a draft the Monday before your appointment unless specifically requested ahead of time. Once sent, that is your opportunity to request changes and let me know what you think. We can also make some final changes the day of, but please tell me if you want any large alterations as early as possible as there may not be enough time to do them if you bring them up the day of. Tuesday appointments are the exception to this as I will make a little extra time avail on that due to drafts being sent out only a day before. 


If you are after something quite complex/large, I will send you an earlier draft 2 weeks-ish ahead of time to confirm I am taking things in the right direction. 




Is the location wheelchair/mobility aid accessible?

Not really. There are 48 steps into the studio and unfortunately no alternative forms of access. 


Can I use earbuds/noise canceling?

Yah for sure babes.  Please please please do.


I have a latex ( OR other relevant) allergy! Do you have alternatives?

We have nitrile gloves at the studio too! I prefer to use latex, so if you have an latex allergy please let me know. This is the same for any other allergies, just gimme a heads up and I'll see what I can do / order alternatives given enough notice.


I have an accessibility question not listed here, how do I contact you about it?

If it is about a booking you have made/are making, just mention it by email or booking form! If you are wondering without writing a booking form, just use the other enquiries section below! 



Thanks! I'll try get back to you soon!


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